iDOO Electric Mop, Upgraded Wet Dry Cleaner Self Cleaning Cordless Mop Electric Mop

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  • 【Sweep & Wet Mopping & Dry Mopping in One】 -- Clean up the trash and mop the floor at the same time. The floor cleaner can efficiently handle a variety of dry and wet waste, including dust, hair, pet debris, and food remnants. Cut your cleaning time in half!
  • 【Two-Tank Technology】-- Our cordless electric mop keeps fresh water away from the dirty water and mess, so you always clean with fresh solution. It's an end to the old way of mopping with dirty water.
  • 【Sorting of Dry and Wet Waste】-- This floor mop's dust box uses a dry-wet separation design which allows it to collect dry and wet waste separately, reducing odor. The dust box is easy to be flushed clean instantly.
  • 【Powerful Stain Removal】-- This hardwood floor cleaner comes with a dual-motor that spins up to 800RPM. It automatically propels the mop head forward, making it easier to scrub away sticky spills, dirt, and other messes on your house or kitchen floor. Plus, it's user-friendly, so even kids and older folks can handle it without a problem.
  • 【Self-propelled System for Easy Maneuverability】 -- With a self-propelled design that helps you to move freely, the lightweight cordless mop can go anywhere, and clean any mess. Owning this can make cleaning more relaxed and simple than ever before.
  • 【One Touch Self Cleaning & Easy Maintenance】 – Never touch a dirty roller again. When you’re done, put the floor cleaner mop back onto the base and the hands-free self-cleaning function automatically flushes the brush roller, for fast, mess-free maintenance.
  • 【Smart Voice Assistant】 --The floor cleaner machine shows live updates like dirt, battery levels, and any problem alerts while cleaning. You can turn off the voice helper in the settings.
  • 【iDOO's Insistence】-- You Enjoy 30 days of no-nonsense returns and 1 year of risk-free quality problems package return service. Trust iDOO's commitment to top quality materials and careful design, we guarantee quality and warranty! Call or email for support anytime.